Where to find good quality educational wooden animal toys

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July 19, 2017
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Where to find good quality educational wooden animal toys

Where to find good quality educational wooden animal toys

I’ve been looking for something like the Holztiger wooden animal toys for my one year old for some time now. The Holztiger ones are great but they’re expensive and mostly come individually, retailing from £5 to £8 depending on what size animal you’re buying. The price quickly rockets up this way when you’re choosing a few for your collection.

I love wooden toys because they’re traditional and natural – I hate anything plastic because you never know what chemicals they’re using in products these days. They can be so harmful for young children and babies! I also wanted an educational product, one that would help my little girl learn along the way. We are working on her number and letters currently.

I came across a fantastic product by wooden toy manufacturers, Sri Toys. They have some beautiful sets which are all handcrafted and all natural. They also have lots of wooden toy animal sets that come in packs so you don’t have to buy them all individually! One of my favorites of theirs is the A to Z animal collection which is a 26 piece animal pack with the A to Z alphabet printed on them. Even better; all of the animals fit together to make a jigsaw if you wish! 😊

This is a super product in terms of education, safety and value for money – it retails at £36.99 but it’s worth every penny and the quality is outstanding. My little girl loves it and has found it easier to learn the alphabet with the help of the animals. I’m hoping I’ll have her saying their names very soon! We count them too so that’s numbers sorted as well!

If you want to take a look for yourself or give these beauties a try, here’s the link to the site

I hope you all like them!!

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